Doctrine Leads to Devotion Tee


This lightweight tee made with organic cotton fabric, prioritizes breathability while it’s subtle texture gives it an amazing soft-tee feel.

• Fair Trade Certified
• 100% Organic Cotton
• Unisex sizing
• Pre-washed to prevent shrinking
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Behind the design with Phy:

I created this shirt because I firmly believe that understanding and embracing sound doctrine is the key to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. This shirt serves as a reminder of the importance of truth in our faith journey. It’s not just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of faith and a commitment to the principles that guide our lives. Plus, it’s made with care, using organic cotton and fair trade practices, aligning with values that are important to me. I hope you find it as inspiring and comfortable as I do.

Ethics Matter Because People Matter.
As shoppers, we rarely consider the implications our purchases have on the communities who actually make the items we wear and as a result companies are incentivized to drive prices and quality lower. This needs to change.

We work with underserved populations to provide meaningful work and to show the powerful impact our clothing purchases can have if made thoughtfully. Each shirt is accompanied by the signature of the person who made it. Learn more about the maker and about Known Supply. 

Unisex Sizing

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