Five Christian Creeds


What is a creed and why does it matter to me?

Christian creeds, or statements of faith, have been passed down throughout history to Christians today. If you grew up in a liturgical church environment you might be familiar with creeds. Reciting creeds or statements of faith that have been passed down through history from the early church is a typical liturgical church tradition. Churches that are more evangelical—or that do not adhere to some of the traditions we see among our liturgical brothers—may not be as accustomed to hearing these creeds recited. However, most of us are at least a little familiar with them, whether from attending a religious high school, reading theological books, or from simply studying the Bible, because everything in these creeds is taken from Scripture.

But what is a creed? In this book, we are going to look at five Christian creeds to discover why they are so important to the Christian faith.

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