Full Hands Worship Sticker


Based on Phy’s poem, “This Seen and Sacred Hour” which can be read below, this sticker reminds you that every moment, especially those with full hands, are worship to God.

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• Fade free for up to 5 years
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Read the Poem

“I read the words that Luther wrote:
“So much to do, I’ll spend three hours
in prayer.” I shrink and turn
to a calendar scoured for space —
I’m doing much, do I have three hours?
Should I make three hours?
Scratch it out between bacon and bedtime,
get up at four before the babies do?

I see the words that Tozer wrote:
“Any man who would truly know God
must give time to Him,” and I think:
I haven’t much time to give. These hands
are held by disciples who don’t tithe,
who walk on toddler legs. Is divided time
still time that counts?

But I know the words that Jesus said:
a welcome for the little and the lost.
This Shepherd-King who gently leads
those with young — He understands
divided time. The prayer split triple,
whispered by a stove, a sink, a blacked-out nursery, is liturgy too; full hands worship
as well as empty ones.

We are the daughters of Katharina
and Susanna, Perpetua and Lydia
who would not delay devotion
for some future day,
some noiseless morning,
to meet the God of unquiet
whose Temple is a kitchen floor.
This time is a seen and sacred hour
and I will not wish away their childhood
as if Christ is put off
by the bleating of His lambs.”

This Seen and Sacred Hour, PDM

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 Behind the design with Phy:

This sticker captures the heart of my poem “This Seen and Sacred Hour,” reminding us that every moment is an opportunity to connect with God. Its message resonates deeply, encouraging us to find sacredness in the midst of our busy lives. A beautiful reminder for anyone seeking to infuse their daily routines with moments of worship and reflection.

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