Good Church Stories Hardcover

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Good Church Stories is a lovingly-crafted hard cover coffee table book. Clothbound with gold letterpress, and wrapped in a beautiful dust jacket, this is a book that will find it’s home in your living room, and open up new conversations with your family and friends.

• 9 x 7
• Clothbound Hardcover
• Dust jacket
• Color may vary from product image
• 227 pages
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There is a tension when we talk about the church.

The body of Christ is made up of sinful and flawed individuals and, sometimes, we have people in the church who aren’t followers of Christ at all. They use Christianity as a cover for their abuse, manipulation, and lies, and people are hurt by that.

What I have wished existed is a compilation of stories of people who have experienced the goodness of the church. People who have seen the church can be a place of grace, kindness, and love. Stories that can heal.

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The Stories in This Book Are the Stories of normal people.

People who have experienced the goodness of Christ through their flawed human churches. I don’t propose to diminish your experience or take away from any hurts you may have from the church, but these stories are true and they deserve to be heard. I hope they may inspire you to open your arms, your heart, and your home to people who need love and allow that process to be a step toward healing.

My hope is that Good Church Stories inspires us to create more good church stories, because there can never be enough.

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