How to Walk by the Spirit


What does it look like to walk by the Holy Spirit?

Maybe you’ve grown up in the church and you’ve heard people say, “You just need to walk by the Spirit, or rely on the Holy Spirit.” Or maybe, you grew up in a church environment where the Holy Spirit wasn’t talked about at all. Or, here’s your third option—maybe you grew up around a church environment where the Holy Spirit only did things that were highly sensational, or emotional, or “showy-like.” You may have known that He healed and He prophesied through people—but did you ever learn the daily power of the Holy Spirit-led life? If not, I hope this book is helpful to you.

• 4 x 6
• Softcover
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• 31 pages
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Quick Theology books are only sold at Every Woman a Theologian—if you’re looking for a quick examination of what it looks like to walk by the Spirit, this is perfect for a bite-sized reference.

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