Kids’ Theology Handbook Ebook


We all think we know how to explain Jesus. until our kids ask us for specifics.

“How do I explain the Trinity to a four year old without becoming a heretic?” As a theology teacher and mom of three kids under 8, I understand this difficulty. I have the advantage of a religion degree to assist me when teaching my kids—something many people do not have! The pages of this resource contain the answers to 38 common questions you may encounter as you explain the fundamentals of Christianity to your little ones.

• Ebook
• Ages 3-12
• 45 pages
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A Note From Phylicia:

I know firsthand the challenge of explaining complex theological concepts to young children. That’s why I love this resource! It’s packed with answers to common questions about Christianity, and it’s perfect for parents who want to teach their kids in a way that is clear and engaging. Get ready to deepen your own faith as you help your children grow in theirs!

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