Printable New Testament Reflection Cards


Deepen your connection with God’s Word using our New Testament Reflection Cards. This set comprises 5 insightful journaling prompts from each book of the New Testament, inviting you to explore and reflect on the sacred teachings in a fresh and meaningful way.

Ideal for both personal devotion or group bible study, these cards serve as gentle guides to navigate the profound messages of the New Testament. Whether you’re a lifelong Bible reader or beginning your faith journey, these prompts will enrich your understanding and inspire thoughtful introspection.

Use the New Testament Reflection Cards to encourage your spiritual growth, foster a stronger understanding of the scriptures, and illuminate your path towards a deeper relationship with God’s Word.

• 2.5 x 2.5 inches
• 54 printable cards
• Digital product
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Why Buy at Every Woman a Theologian?
Thoughtful Bible Journaling is a great way to connect with God, and these cards are so helpful for getting you started each day. Exclusively at Every Woman a Theologian.

A Note From Phy:

These journaling cards are perfect for anyone seeking deeper engagement with the Word of God. With thoughtful prompts for each book, they offer a unique and enriching way to explore the New Testament, whether you’re just starting your journey or are further along the path. Discover a new richness in your Bible study time!

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