Simple Easy Memory Verse Cards for Kids


We want our kids to know God’s Word by heart, and that starts at home! Consistent Scripture memorization feeds our hearts with the truth we need—truth that the Holy Spirit brings to mind when we need it most.

These Scriptures become the basis for the prayers we pray, the decisions we make, and the comfort we need in times of suffering. If we don’t put it in, how will it ever come out in daily life? And if we don’t make Scripture memory a priority, how will it happen amidst our busy schedules? These cards are portable, quick, and easy to use, and they contain the same verses our family recites daily! Whether your kids are 12 or 2, it’s never too late or too early to commit God’s Word to heart.

• Ages 3 and up
• 14 Cards
• Printed in the USA
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A Note From Phy:

As a parent, I believe in the power of instilling God’s Word in our children’s hearts right from home. That’s why I created these Scripture memory cards—simple tools to help our kids internalize the truths that the Holy Spirit can bring to their minds when they need them the most. These verses form the foundation of their prayers, guide their choices, and offer solace in challenging times. By making Scripture memorization a consistent practice, we equip our children with a spiritual arsenal that can shape their lives in profound ways. These cards are not just for our family; they are for yours too. Portable, easy to use, and containing the very verses we recite daily, they’re a valuable resource for kids of all ages. Whether your little ones are 2 or 12, it’s never too early or too late to plant the seeds of God’s Word in their hearts.

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