Temporary Sword & Pencil Tattoos

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Set of 5 high-quality temporary tattoos designed and drawn by our talented friend, Josh at Sword and Pencil! Each tattoos is easy to apply and super crisp. They generally last a few days without water contact.

  • Hyper realistic
  • Easy Application
  • Skin-Safe
  • Includes 5 tattoos and instructions

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A Note From Phy:

While Josh at Sword and Pencil was designing these tattoos, we talked over the concepts which resulted in these beautiful designs:

The hourglass with heart means that while we remember that we must die, we must also spend that time in love.

The sparrow and flower are a reminder that the Holy Spirit is making us saints and we will grow to be beautiful. That’s sanctification!

The ship is the classic idea of the Homeward Bound tattoo–through storms, and over rough seas, we will make it to the shining shores.

The hand holding flower represents the giving of beauty and life.

Finally, the trinity icon is a riff on classic icons combined with trinitarian symbols.

My permanent tattoo was designed by Josh as well!

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