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Theology Basics

Theology Basics Live at Willows Bend Farm

The Theology Basics course is a one-day, fundamentals of Christian theology intro class. It is limited in class size because it’s held at our farm, and goes over fundamental doctrines of Christianity, answer questions, and discuss perspectives. There’s a little homework, but no quizzes, so don’t worry about your grades! We also include lunch. Limited number of seats available!

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From class student Meagan L.

The Theology Basics class with Phylicia was such a cool opportunity for me to meet other ladies who were just as passionate as me about going deeper with Christ and the Bible (plus the one on one time with Phy was pretty cool too). I was able to learn new things while also having the opportunity to discuss that information with others who learned alongside me. It is nice to have a group of respectful people to bounce ideas off of and have theological discussions with and this class layout and atmosphere provided me with that.

From class student Kirsten D.

Phylicia’s teaching and exposure have spring-boarded me into the rich world of theology and doctrine that honestly always felt too overwhelming to ever enter before. God has seriously gifted her with the ability to teach big topics with humility and simplicity.

From class student  – Kaitlin p.

Whether you’re a new believer or have been following Jesus for a while…this class is for you! Phylicia teaches on a wide variety of theology topics but in a very approachable, understanding way. I finished the class with a greater desire to know more about God and more about what I say I believe. If you have the time, means and opportunity… take this class!

Class Structure
Cost Comparison
Class One: Authority of Scripture
Class Two: Nature of God
Class Three: Nature of Man

Class Four: Sotierology (Salvation Theology) and Christian Life

This class is intended to provide the fundamentals of Christian theology in an interactive workshop/class format. 

Liberty University Theology 104:  $1820

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Theology 101: $1,185.00

My Course– Theology Basics: $200.00

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Do you offer refunds?

Tickets are refundable up to the class date in the event of an emergency.

Where is the farm?

Located in scenic Petoskey, MI–you’ll love the area!

How much does the class cost?

The class is $200 for the day and include lunch.

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