There is Beauty Here Sticker


Based on Phy’s poem, “The Cuts Your Life Made.” This sticker, captures the essence of discovering grace and beauty in all circumstances. It serves as a reminder that even in the starkness of winter, there is transformation and beauty to be found.

• 1.63 X 2.15
• High quality
• Fade free for up to 5 years
• Printed in the USA
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Read the Poem

November: if you can find beauty here you can find it anywhere.
The trees are bare, they reach many fingered
to a bluebonnet sky. And snow comes but never stays: settling in the cuts the plow made…
A kind of healing in the running scars.
What grew there once is stacked in rows, chopped up in piles so we last the winter.
Not lost or gone; transformed from beauty to substance in its own way, beautiful too.
The cold echoes in my ears,
the layered hills from brown to purple turn in the leaving light, but I – I walk to another gleam: warm and yellow, a candle in a window, the lamp by the stove,
the dark and cold a backdrop to home.
You can find it anywhere, the beauty here; settling in the cuts your life made.

The Cuts Your Life Made, PDM


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 Behind the design with Phy:

This sticker beautifully encapsulates the heart of my poem about November, reminding us that beauty can be found even in the most unexpected places. It’s a lovely reminder that transformation and grace are always present, even in the starkness of winter.

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