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Friends – SO many great books launched in Fall 2021. I was honestly overwhelmed. I have a stack as big as my torso on my desk and wanted to do individual book reviews for each, but since I want these in front of you before 2023, I decided to shorten my summaries and compile them in one place! If you’re looking for some great gifts, or want to keep this post for future reference, save it in your browser because this is one to come back to!

Typically I like to theme my book lists but this list has a lot of variety. We’ve got something for singles, something for new moms, something for high schoolers, a few for marriage, and plenty for Christian life in general. There is something here for everyone! Without further ado – here are some awesome books that launched in the last few months.

PS If you have already read any of these, please leave a review – it helps the author immensely!

When Strivings Cease by Ruth Chou Simons

I had the honor of endorsing this book. I listened to it on audio and will for sure be re-reading it slowly. If you have ever struggled with the need to prove yourself, lived under the burden of outer expectations, or spent your life striving to earn love in the world, this book is for you. Grounded in the truth of Scripture and stunningly poignant, each chapter will show you where your approval truly rests.

Grab it here!

The Flirtation Experiment by P. Masonheimer and Lisa Jacobson

I put my own book on this list because it’s coming SO SOON! Launching December 7th, The Flirtation Experiment is for engaged or married women who either want to learn how to intentionally love their husband OR who want to bring magic, mystery and spark back to their otherwise-healthy marriage. If you’ve been feeling like something is dull or dry, or like you crave romance but want him to “think of it” – we share our own 30-day journey of flirtation “experiments” that changed how we viewed ourselves and our spouses.

Those who preorder the book will get a free behind the scenes exclusive interview with me and Josh as well as Lisa and her husband. AND we will be doing the challenge with our readers in January!

Grab it here!

Pray Confidently & Consistently by Val Woerner

This book is perfect for the woman (or man) who struggles with prayer. If you don’t know how to be consistent or you wonder what to say, this book will give you the tools and steps to change. I think this would be a fantastic Christmas gift and it would be a great read for the new year, when you can set intentions to focus on improving your prayer life!

Grab it here!

She Works His Way by Michelle Myers and Somer Phoebus

Resources for Christian working women are slim to none, so I was delighted when Michelle and Somer released this book. They come right out of the gate setting the standard with the word of God and each chapter speaks directly to the struggles we face as working women. This would also make a great gift post-college graduation or for the working mom in your life!

Grab it here!

The Hard Good by Lisa Whittle

I’ve mentioned this one a little in my newsletters, but this would be a great read for women of any age who are struggling with trials or grief. In this book Lisa walks you through how to “show up for God to work in you when you want to shut down”. God can be strong in us in the hardest seasons and through those hard seasons create something good. This might be a good gift for someone who has faced hard things in recent months.

Grab it here.

Take Back Your Family by Jefferson Bethke

*I have not fully read this yet* but I trust Jefferson’s work and love his passion for his family! I also love that he’s looking at history and how culture has changed from the biblical (and healthy!) way families can operate. The subtitle is “take back your family from the tyrants of burnout, busyness, individualism and the nuclear ideal”. WOW! Fascinating right??? I know you’ll be challenged by this work and I’m stoked to finish it. Great for families of any age, but especially those with young kids!

Grab it here.

Fix Your Eyes by Amy Gannett

This book is a great first time theology book that gives practical applications. The whole point of theology, as Amy writes here is to show “how our study of God shapes our worship of Him”. We tend to think that theology and worship are on two ends of a spectrum instead of tied to one another, essential to one another. This book will help you grow in your knowledge of God and by doing so, your appreciation for Him!

Grab it here.

The Christian Mom’s Pregnancy Journal by Aubry Smith

I constantly recommend Aubry’s book Holy Labor for new and expectant mamas. It is my favorite pregnancy book of all time. I was SO excited when she came out with a pregnancy journal!! This would be a perfect baby shower gift (and I would actually recommend giving it with Holy Labor. I have even known women to read Holy Labor AFTER having their babies and finding it truly healing!). This book has weekly devotions, updates on the baby’s development, preparation tips and places to keep sonograms and mementos.

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Not Part of the Plan by Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal

From the ministry of Girl Defined comes this book – ideal for teenage and twenty something women – about the uncertainty of life and how God’s authorship of our story gives peace when we don’t know the ending. Kristen and Bethany are sisters who have each walked through really unexpected pain: infertility for Kristen and long term singleness for Bethany. They both bring wisdom to encourage young women in their own seasons of uncertainty.

Grab it here.

Twenty Something by Cimber Cummings

For those a little older than the teenage years, this book that I’m currently finishing speaks to those in their twenties. What I find unique is that this book is divided into three parts: early, mid, and late twenties. The chapters have super fun title headings (“some things about crappy couches” “some things about second-fiddles”) and the writing is like reading a personal letter – it’s very approachable,  just what a twenty something woman would appreciate in her season.

Grab it here!

I hope you find something just right for you in this list, friends! I am always delighted to find books that meet you where you are. More book reviews coming soon!

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