How to Successfully Read Through the Bible in a Year

It’s the new year and if you’re like me, you’re starting a Bible reading plan! Apps like YouVersion make it so easy to pick a reading plan for the year – especially one for reading through the whole Bible. I love these, because reading through the entire Bible will help you see the big picture (or metanarrative) of the gospel, but it will also force you to read books you might otherwise skip over! I am entering my fourth year reading through the Bible (chronologically this time – my second time this way!) and it’s something I always encourage, even if it takes you longer than a year!

Stop Telling Girls to “Save Themselves”

I recently shared an older post of mine – one I wrote shortly after I got married. It’s the story of why I waited until my wedding day to lose my virginity, and I why I did so with no regrets. Shortly after I received a comment: “I like this article, but the title indicates you lose your purity when you get married.”

This statement, though well-intentioned, reveals the problem we face in the church today. Today’s Christian culture treats virginity as equal to purity, when they are not the same thing at all.

The Ultimate Toddler Advent Plan

We are in that awkward stage of marriage where the holidays are no longer the “free and easy” of our dating days, when events could be attended without coordinating a babysitter. But we’re not quite to the stage of parenting where our girls can really engage with the holiday, either. But I don’t want to wait until our girls are older to start making family traditions and enjoying the Christmas season.

Ten Amazon Finds I Loved this Month

I realized while cooking dinner yesterday that I can hear the footsteps of the mailman from the road. I've memorized the slam of the USPS car door and - I'm ashamed to say - have waited with bated breath a time or two to grab the delivery Dan leaves at my door (we're...

A Quick Guide to Christian Terms

If you didn’t grow up in the church, adjusting to Christian culture can be a bit of a shock. Why are people throwing around terms like “washed in the blood” or being “born again”? While you can adapt quickly, as you grow in faith more terms will become part of the conversation. Even I – a seasoned believer with a religion degree! – encounter words and phrases I’ve never heard before.

How to Stop Depending on a Devotional

Let me preface this post by saying: This is not a devotional-bashing article. I personally use and love certain Christian devotional books, and regularly read books on theology and Christian life. These books fill a very important void in the world of books, BUT: they should not act as a replacement for the Bible itself. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they do.


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