A letter to my 20-year-old self

I know so much of life looks black and white right now. At least, you wish it did. And when it doesn’t, you try to make it that way; it’s your way of making sense of the world. It would be so much easier if God just handed you the blueprint, wouldn’t it? It would be easier to follow “the plan”.

How Not to Host a Bible Study

I think we’ve all been in a bible study that was at best uncomfortable and at worst, not a “study” at all. I’ve been in a lot of studies over the years in many different formats. These varied from in-home studies to church-facilitated groups. I learned much about the Word in those groups and I made some lasting friendships, but I also learned how NOT to host a Bible study when it came Josh and my turn to facilitate one!

Amazon: 10 Things I Loved this Month

It was hard to choose my favorites from January and December, but these ten finds have made our life smoother (and more enjoyable!) in this frigid winter weather! Some of these I snagged as Christmas gifts, and others we added to our home during our monthly Goodwill clean-out. And one of them happens to be on my anniversary wish list!

Are you a disciple, or just a Christian?

They were baptized as babies. They grew up in the church. Grandma was a “front row Baptist” and they were right there with her on Sunday morning. Or they sat through youth group and Christian school and assumed, because they knew the FACTS of God, they knew God Himself.It’s an epidemic problem in America, where following Jesus has been distilled down to saying a prayer to “ask Him into your heart”.

How to Open Your Home with Small Children

When you’re a mom of young kids, leaving to disciple people in a foreign country probably isn’t on your agenda; your primary discipleship is to the little people under your roof. But you also have another mission field: The one outside your door.

How to Successfully Read Through the Bible in a Year

It’s the new year and if you’re like me, you’re starting a Bible reading plan! Apps like YouVersion make it so easy to pick a reading plan for the year – especially one for reading through the whole Bible. I love these, because reading through the entire Bible will help you see the big picture (or metanarrative) of the gospel, but it will also force you to read books you might otherwise skip over! I am entering my fourth year reading through the Bible (chronologically this time – my second time this way!) and it’s something I always encourage, even if it takes you longer than a year!

Stop Telling Girls to “Save Themselves”

I recently shared an older post of mine – one I wrote shortly after I got married. It’s the story of why I waited until my wedding day to lose my virginity, and I why I did so with no regrets. Shortly after I received a comment: “I like this article, but the title indicates you lose your purity when you get married.”

This statement, though well-intentioned, reveals the problem we face in the church today. Today’s Christian culture treats virginity as equal to purity, when they are not the same thing at all.


I’m Phylicia, and I believe in abundant life, practically. In singleness or marriage, work or home, we can live as overcomers in Christ. Join me in learning how to apply God’s Word and preach the gospel with your life.