Little Graces Are His Glory + Postpartum Favorites

I asked for a small thing.

It wasn’t much, and I didn’t deserve it. But I asked all the same.

It was a short list, a prayer I prayed before Pilates each morning or while making toast in the afternoon. A breath prayer, you could call it: Please Lord, let it be cool weather after the baby is born.

Women’s Issues: Motherhood and Asceticism

While hard things do come with motherhood, and hard is not bad, neither are we permitted to make new laws out of personal choices. If we make personal motherhood choices that limit our freedom and result in more difficulty than the choices another mom makes, that is not a higher and holier road. It’s simply a freedom issue.

Women’s Issues: Singleness

Why is singleness treated like a second class status? Or a holding pattern until life really begins?

Is contentment an equation to get a relationship? 

Is singleness really a gift?

How can marrieds bless the singles in their lives?

Use Up Your Life

This life is the only one we have. It’s our only opportunity to make an impact in a fallen world. It’s our chance to spend every last minute doing something for the kingdom of God.

How the Bible Was Canonized: Canon Q&A

After weeks of studying how the Bible came to be and how to study it, my followers still had a few more questions! In this episode of Verity I answered ten or so final questions that came up during the series, including topics like the church fathers, Amplified Bible, Book of Enoch, how chapters and verses were developed, and more.

How to Have a Quiet Time as a Couple

Whether you’re dating or newly married, pursuing God together is the surest way to build a strong relationship foundation. If you’re dating, spending time in God’s Word as a couple will strengthen your resolve for purity. If you’re married, regular devotional times will transform your attitudes toward one another.

A Little Grace: Van’s Birth Story

Every pregnancy the Lord permits a particular challenge to enter my life. This one was no different. With Addie, we moved to a new state at 37 weeks along. With Eva, Josh lost his job when I was 7 months pregnant. And with Van, Josh resigned his job, unwillingly and due to difficult circumstances, three months before I was due. Having been through major life events during pregnancy three times, I can only believe God uses a season which can be incredibly anxiety-inducing on its own to further increase my dependence on Him. And while I wouldn’t choose the difficulty we’ve faced during pregnancy, I can say that incredible sweetness has come out of it as well.