Calvinism and Arminianism: An Overview

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In this episode of the Ask Anything Theology series, I address a question that comes up a lot: what is Calvinism? What is Arminianism? Where do we see these theologies and what do they affect?

The terms Reformed and Calvinist, though not the same, are often used interchangeably. So if you have been introduced to “reformed” theology, this would be a good listen for you. If you are a Calvinist who has been taught that Arminians compromise the gospel or are “semi-Pelagian”, I would also encourage you to listen! You might be surprised at what Arminius actually taught.

  • 4:45 – a history of determinist and provisionist theology from 400 to the Reformation
  • 16:55 – an overview of Calvinist doctrine via TULIP
  • 21:00 – history of Jacob Arminius and his theology
  • 23:55 – an overview of Arminian doctrine in five points
  • 29:50 – four lies about Calvinism and Arminianism

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