All Nations, Tribes, People, & Tongues Paperback – $20

In this Bible study of Revelation you will learn how to break down each chapter verse by verse and draw out the theological principles for your life today. If you have learned revelation only in context of fear or anxiety, this study is for you! Learn how to study the book for yourself and embrace the hope of Christ in this beautiful book at the end of the biblical Canon.

The introduction breaks down different eschatological viewpoints and includes a note about what to expect in the study. There is no timeframe for the study, simply all 22 chapters of the book of revelation for you to complete on your time frame. That might be one chapter a day or one chapter a week! You can go as fast or as slow as you prefer. We are so excited to provide this resource as the very first inductive Bible study and the Every Woman a Theologian shop!

• 5 x 8
• Softcover
• Color may vary from product image

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