Explore & Engage: Latter-day Saints


Are latter-day saints just another christian denomination?

Explore & Engage: Latter-day Saints is a must-have for anyone seeking to understand the Latter-day Saints worldview—whether you are a church leader, missionary, or curious reader.

Explore: Dive into the history and beliefs of the Latter-day Saints, from the early visions of Joseph Smith to the development of modern doctrines and how those doctrines shape their perspective on God, Jesus, and humanity.

Engage: Learn to ask insightful questions of Latter-day Saints and provide biblically grounded answers to their theological claims. Jenkins combines academic rigor with practical experience, providing you with the tools to navigate gospel-driven conversations with clarity and compassion.

• 4.5 x 6.5
• Softcover
• 98 pages
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A Note From Phy:

If you have ever wondered how to compassionately, graciously share the gospel with members of the LDS/Mormon Church, this book is for you. Jeremy did an incredible job researching and writing this resource. It is not overwhelming in size or content, but will equip you to explore their theology and engage with them biblically!

About the Author:

Jeremy Jenkins is the Executive Director of All Things All People, a missions organization that explores the darkest and least reached places to engage the people there with the Gospel. He is also one of the pastors of Element Church, in Forest City, NC, and an adjunct professor of religion at Gardner-Webb University. He received his Bachelors in Religion from Liberty University and his Masters in Intercultural Studies from Columbia International University.

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