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Your singleness matters.

You might not feel like it does. In this moment, your singleness may be your least favorite part of life. But I’m here to tell you that these years matter in a profound, impactful way. These days are the ground in which faith is planted.

I know too well how to live in “holding pattern” singleness. But this is not what God wants for us! That’s why I am THRILLED to bring you Fruitful: A Year Long Guide to an Abundant Single Season! This e-book is designed to work alongside your existing Bible study to help you refine your focus during this single season.

Fruitful: A Year Long Guide to an Abundant Single Season contains twelve chapters, each with a distinct focus. The book is designed to be read and implemented over the course of a year. Each chapter can be revisited throughout the month for reminders and motivation to live singleness abundantly!

At the conclusion of each chapter is a memory verse, four reflection questions for journaling, and a short list of supplemental reading (books and articles) on the month’s topic.

• 97 pages
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