Is it a Sin to Drink Alcohol? Ebook


Is it possible for Christians to drink in a healthy way?

Join Phy as she explores alcohol within the context of Scripture and provides practical insight into the complexities of alcohol in the Christian life. Dig into the Scriptures to learn the symbolic significance of wine in the Bible, the context around ancient alcohol, and how to apply these concepts with a focus on responsibility and personal witness. This book addresses questions such as: what does the Bible say about alcohol, what counts as responsible consumption, and how to support those facing challenges related to alcohol.

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• 26 pages
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Quick Theology books are only sold at Every Woman a Theologian—This book is perfect if you’re looking for a quick overview of repentance, or if you worry about how you’re repenting.

A Note From Phy:

I wrote this book to explore a topic that many Christians find challenging—alcohol. Through examining Scripture and the historical context of wine, I provide practical insights on how to engage with alcohol responsibly and thoughtfully. My hope is that this book will help you understand what the Bible says about alcohol, define responsible consumption, and offer support to those who struggle in this area. Join me in navigating this nuanced topic with wisdom and compassion.

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