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There is a trend in some Christian motherhood spaces that says: You’re only a good mom if you’re giving up everything you enjoy. The other end of the spectrum tells us more self-care or a glass of wine will fix our problems. How do we discern what is true? How do we end the mommy wars? This new Quick Theology booklet breaks down the identity and idolatry at the core of motherhood culture—and how Christ makes it better.

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• 4 x 6
• Softcover
• Printed in the United States
• 33 pages
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Quick Theology books are only sold at Every Woman a Theologian—This book is perfect if you’re looking for a quick overview of repentance, or if you worry about how you’re repenting.

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A Note From Phy:

I love this book because it tackles a topic that’s close to my heart and often overlooked in Christian circles. As a mother myself, I’ve felt the pressure to conform to certain standards of motherhood—whether it’s sacrificing everything for my children or seeking solace in self-care. This book provides a refreshing perspective by delving into the theology of suffering and examining the root of asceticism in modern motherhood. It’s a must-read for any mother seeking clarity, hope, and a deeper understanding of her identity in Christ.

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