Theology Basics Ebook


 Is your theology laden with your assumptions and experiences?

Every person has assumptions and beliefs about God’s nature from which they form their view of the world. Our job as Christians is to check those assumptions against objective truth and to ask, “Is what I assume about God and His nature actually true?”

Many things can color our theology: An abusive parent, a legalistic church, false teaching, and political ideology can alter our view of God in ways that do not line up with who He has revealed Himself to be. We can even embrace wrong theology based on good things, such as love or a comfortable, conflict-free upbringing. Any time we allow our view of God’s character to remain subjective—or unchecked by the universal standard of Scripture—we make God small.

We all have a theology. We just need to check it against the Word of God. Is what we believe about Him accurate to Scripture? Or is it laden with our own assumptions and experiences? This short book will give you some foundational principles of Christian theology.

• 74 pages
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