How to Establish Boundaries in Dating Relationships

How far is too far?
Why can’t my boyfriend and I say “no”?
What’s the difference between upholding purity and living as a legalist?

As we continue the sex series on Uniquely Woman, Lisa and I discuss how to establish boundaries in dating and why it’s important to do so. There are so many questions about what’s ok and what’s not ok – and how to actually live out your standards. In this episode we go over five thoughts on pursuing purity during the dating stage:

5 Myths About Marital Sexuality {Part 2}

Last Thursday Lisa and I launched our sex series on our podcast, Uniquely Woman. We started the discussion with the first three of five myths about marital sexuality. Myth one was “Sex is dirty”; myth two was “Sex is for men”; and myth three...

5 Myths About Marital Sexuality {Part 1}

Too many Christian girls come to their wedding day with an incomplete or inaccurate sexual education. They don’t know the difference between secular propaganda and biblical design. It’s because of this that Lisa and I are starting our discussion about sex...
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