How to Establish Boundaries in Dating Relationships

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How to Establish Boundaries in Dating

How far is too far?
Why can’t my boyfriend and I say “no”?
What’s the difference between upholding purity and living as a legalist?

As we continue the sex series on Uniquely Woman, Lisa and I discuss how to establish boundaries in dating and why it’s important to do so. There are so many questions about what’s ok and what’s not ok – and how to actually live out your standards. In this episode we go over five thoughts on pursuing purity during the dating stage:

Show Notes

  1. Know the “why” of purity. The motivation for your behavior should always be to honor God. Of course obedience also brings blessings and benefits for you.

2. Be accountable. You should have someone who will check up on how you are doing. You should also be able to take your struggles and questions to them.
3. Purity is about the heart, not a list of rules. While there are basic clear-cut guidelines most of this journey will involve growing closer to God and listening to Him speak. You can’t make your personal standards a line to judge others.
4. Virginity doesn’t equal purity. You can still be pure after you’ve lost your virginity and you are still pure once you’re married and no longer a virgin.
5. Ask “how holy can I be?” instead of “how far can I go?”. The question should always be “will this activity help me honor God?” This will also depends on the limits of the person you are dating.

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