5 Myths About Marital Sexuality {Part 2}

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Last Thursday Lisa and I launched our sex series on our podcast, Uniquely Woman. We started the discussion with the first three of five myths about marital sexuality. Myth one was “Sex is dirty”; myth two was “Sex is for men”; and myth three was “Women don’t enjoy sex”. This week Lisa and I are continuing that conversation, covering the last two of our five myths about sex. Then we move into a discussion about sex in marriage.

If you haven’t listened to episode one, click here to listen now!

Show Notes:

Myth 4: Babies ruin your sex life.
•Entering parenthood can increase intimacy which improves sex.
•Sex can become a way to connect amidst the demands of parenting

Myth 5: Married sex is boring.
•Marriage is God’s context for sex.
•As you grow closer in marriage, you can grow closer sexually.

Marriage and Sex
1. Honeymoon sex is not the best sex. The honeymoon is not the culmination of your romance; it’s the beginning.

2. How you view your body affects your sex life. Having a low body-esteem will affect your sex life negatively.

3. Emotional intimacy can be a product of sexual intimacy. Your sex life is a journey.

4. Marriage is the place for a guilt-free sexual fulfillment.

Guidelines for what’s “not okay” even in marriage.
•Anything that involves another person.
•Anything that demeans or hurts either the husband or the wife.
•Anything that causes a physical or emotional issue with either person.
•Anything against the will of the husband or wife.

You can’t believe what Hollywood and secular sources have to say about something that God designed when they aren’t using it the way that He intended.

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