Ten Must-Read Posts on Biblical Sexuality


Ten Must-Read Posts on Biblical Sexuality

Biblical sexuality is a topic shrouded by confusion. A lot of black and white lines are drawn in places that often feel very… gray. Pursuing biblical sexuality isn’t as simple as not having sex before marriage, either; biblical sexuality is the active pursuit of God’s ultimate intention for our lives. What is that intention? Holiness! It is holiness that keeps us in relationship with Him – a holiness bought by Christ and maintained by the Holy Spirit, for whom our bodies are temples. This is why sexual sin is so grievous, and why biblical sexuality is such a worthy pursuit.

I’ve been blogging about sex for years, but there are several posts that consistently meet my readers right where they’re at. Today I’m sharing ten posts I consider must-reads for understanding God’s design for your sexuality:

Why We Should Stop Asking “How Far is Too Far?”:

“The issue is not ‘to kiss or not to kiss’, but whether we are allowing God’s Spirit to dictate our decisions. If we allow cultural standards to dictate our personal behavior, we will never do hard things for Jesus.”

5 Myths About Saving Your Kiss for the Wedding Day

“I believe this is an issue of balance: that saving your kiss is an individual decision each couple has to make. That said, today I’m going to dispel five myths  about saving your kiss for the wedding day, because they’re false, and they need to go away.”

Will God Forgive Sexual Sin?

“What do we do if we have transgressed God’s law, offended God, and separated ourselves from a peaceful relationship with Him? Is there hope? YES! Below are the steps to know forgiveness and walk as conquerors in the grace of God.”

Five Things to Do If Your Wedding Night Scares You

“God designed sexuality. If God values sexuality (and He does, which is why He preserves it with marriage) He would not expect us to ignore it, demean it, or pretend it doesn’t exist until suddenly *POOF* you’re married, and your education begins now! But God would expect us to use that knowledge in an honorable way.”

I Waited Until My Wedding to Lose My Virginity, and It’s the Best Thing I Ever Did

“Waiting for marriage to lose my virginity was the best decision I ever made. At times it was difficult. I wanted to give up. Yet I’m going to battle for the other side because this waiting-for-marriage thing – it’s worth it, even when the choice is hard.”

How to Overcome Your Partner’s Sexual Past

“How do we, the spouse or significant other, walk with our man (or woman) into freedom? Will our own sexual past, or the past of our husband, dictate our future happiness? That’s what we are talking about today.”

Dear Girl, A Good Man Will Still Want You

“You’re as diverse and vibrant as the autumn leaves: every shape and color, beautiful to those who see you twirling in the winds of life. You’re different.  But there’s a common thread that unites you; something that makes the many into one. You’re one dear girl worried about one hard thing:

Will a good man want me?”

Hope for the Not-So-Good Girl

“I’d discovered sex in secret, so I kept it that way. I was terrified my curiosity would be found out and I’d be condemned for it. I was terrified my parents would think I was a freak or a weirdo for having questions, and what’s worse – reading those Harlequin novels. Girls like me aren’t supposed to have problems.

Three Sex Questions the Church Won’t Answer

“God’s Word applies to the questions you are asking about sex. God designed sex, God provided His Word, and God has given us His Spirit to enlighten the Word and guide us into a life that honors Him. But God gives us great freedom within this context. I’m not going to add rules to God’s Word, but point you to the principles God has provided that guide us through questions about sexuality.”

I Kissed Dating Hello: Why Christian Girls Are Done With Courtship Culture

“Courtship addresses a real need: a need to resist the sexually promiscuous, non-committal dating model. But that need is addressed the wrong way, because courtship culture ignores the root of the problem: human nature. In haste to separate from the sinful spirit of our age, courtship culture swung to an extreme that lacks biblical precedent and historical understanding.”

If you prefer to listen rather than read, check out this two-part podcast series on marital sexuality:

5 Myths of Marital Sexuality Pt. 1

5 Myths of Marital Sexuality Pt 2.

I plan to do another round up on this topic from other bloggers, but until I do, check out my Pinterest board on biblical sexuality!  And don’t forget – I have an entire book on reframing your view of sex according to God’s design. Christian Cosmo is coming to print THIS MONTH, so stay tuned by signing up for my email list below!

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