Viable Options | The Role of the Church in Pregnancy Care

Christian Womanhood

For the past 50 years, the most voluble engagement of the Church in America toward the conversations of unintended pregnancy and abortion has largely been the proclamation of a moral message.

reason is simple, there is a real and weighty moral issue at stake. There is a pressing conversation to be had, an imperative truth to be declared—that all human life is sacred, created in the Image of God, and, therefore, imbued by him with infinite, inherent worth.

At no point should the Church be silent on issues of morality or injustice. Rather, we have a
responsibility to engage on these issues and to be bold in the proclamation of truth. But our
involvement cannot end there.

As the Body of Christ, we are equally compelled to display the compassion, kindness, and extravagant pursuit of Jesus for a broken world.

When a woman discovers an unintended pregnancy, she is frequently grappling with pressures, anxieties, and needs that are greatly magnified by the weight of a life-altering pregnancy decision.

Many are living in poverty and members of a generation (Gen Z) that is experiencing epidemic levels of loneliness, depression, and social anxiety.

More often than not, the experience described is one of numb disbelief, isolation, overwhelming and conflicting emotions, decision paralysis, and a visceral desire to regain control by any means possible.

In this vulnerable space, what does living out the Gospel look like?

In his infinite compassion, Jesus chose to display his divinity through miraculous works of healing and deliverance, meeting deeply felt needs in a way that pointed to something much greater—the ultimate solution for the human condition, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the same way, the Church is called to follow this pattern in their pursuit of others, to live out the compassion, kindness, and extravagance of Christ, to embrace a commitment to humble service, and to meet tangible needs in a way that points to the Living Hope that is found in Jesus.

As the director of a nonprofit, I can attest first-hand to the value of professional agencies in pregnancy care and the unique role they can play in offering resources and advocacy. But there will always be a limit to the depth of involvement and relationship that can be established within a professional sphere.

The engagement of the community of faith in pregnancy care must go further than supporting local agencies. Rather, it is in meaningful relationships that the most complex, personal needs are best identified and alleviated.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of women and men feel isolated and without hope as they face an unintended pregnancy. Here lies an opportunity for local churches to powerfully display the extravagant pursuit of Christ through their care.

This year at Verity, I am excited to share with you some training programs and resources that my own agency has developed for mobilizing believers to serve in this space.

We believe this is a significant moment for building bridges within our communities and removing barriers to the Gospel, and we are eager to be a part of it.

If you have questions or want to know more about how you can get involved, reach out to me (!

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