Winter is just around the corner…

Christian Womanhood

Okay—I know we’re in fall right now, but it seems like winter is just around the corner!
With this thought stuck in my head, I wanted to take some time to revisit some of my favorite winter activities in more detail ahead of the excitement of the season. Maybe you’re bored of (or just aren’t ready) for this topic… but I love it, so bear with me.
Here’s my list!
Knitting: I love fiber arts (knitting, carding, embroidery, etc) and I’ve been knitting since I was 12, but I really haven’t grown in my knitting ability. I blame a lack of patience and detail orientation… but I am working on that this winter. I am currently working on a felted wool bag. I use Lion brand wool yarn and size 10 circle needles. Here is the pattern.
Music: While I do play piano year round, we play a lot more during the winter months, and the girls love to sit and sing with me. Josh also plays a little so sometimes we take turns. The girls also like to make up their own songs and write down notes and lyrics!
Walks: Getting outside always does wonders for me; that’s why the correct winter clothes are so important! I like to walk in the morning before the kids are up, but after it’s a little bit light (7:30) and also right before dinner, when it’s dark (here that’s about 4:30 pm). I usually just circle the field for 15 minutes to get the cold on my face and lungs. The best feeling!
Theater: In summer, there are plenty of outdoor performances and concerts in town; but in winter, we love to dress up and go to the theater for the Nutcracker, Messiah, chorale performances, plays— whatever we can put in the budget!
I have noticed that having specific activities for the winter season makes it intensely special—I look forward to it because only in winter do we emphasize certain hobbies and pastimes. Then when summer rolls around, we transition to different things. The simple transition gives a beauty to each season.
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