25+ Resources for Christians Learning About Race Relations

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I grew up in the northern Midwest United States, about two hours south of Canada. Because I was northern, raised in a Christian home, and believe “all men are created equal”, I firmly believed racial prejudice did not exist in my life or even in my geographical area. I associated racism with the South and the sixties. This view – unconscious though it was – went unchecked because my hometown is almost entirely white.

When I moved to Virginia for college, I came face to face with assumptions I’d long held about people of other ethnicities. While not necessarily negative, these were assumptions I didn’t even know I had. As the tension in the U.S. has grown over these issues, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding them more – particularly as a Christian leader.

A few months ago I asked my readers on Instagram to send me their best resources on race relations so my community can begin their own study. They did not disappoint! Following is the master list.

*I encourage critical thinking when reading on ALL topics. My suggestion of these books is not an all encompassing endorsement. Think critically and check what you read against Scripture. Favorites of mine: Jasmine Holmes, Jemar Tisby, Esau McCaulley.

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Books to Read

People to Follow

  • Anthony Carter
  • Thabiti Anyabwile
  • Bethaney Herrington
  • Christena Cleveland
  • Dr. Jarvis Williams
  • Lisa Fields
  • Jasmine Holmes
  • Trulia Newbell
  • Ayanna Mathis
  • Dr. Lucretia Berry
  • Jemar Tisby
  • Esau McCaulley

Podcasts to Listen To

Pass the Mic

Truths Table

All Things Work Together (LeCrae)

Articles to Check Out

The Rationalization of Racial Injustice

Worship: A Multicultural Makeover

Millennials are Just as Racist as Their Parents – Washington Post

Confessions of an Accidentally Racially Blind Pastor – Relevant

Unpacking the Invisible White Knapsack

There is No Post-Racial America

Videos and Documentaries to Watch

12 Years a Slave

13th (Documentary)

Mass Incarceration Visualized

The Enduring Myth of Black Criminality

Slavery to Mass Incarceration

Michelle Higgins at Urbana 2015

Christena Cleveland at Urbana 2015

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