Apostles, Prophecy, and the Passion Translation with Mike Winger


I have followed Mike Winger for years now and am constantly blessed by his dedication to truth and his gracious way in presenting it. Recently, Pastor Mike has been working on a scholarly project regarding Brian Simmons’ Passion Translation, inviting Old Testament and New Testament scholars to speak to the book and its usage of Hebrew and Greek.

In this interview we talk about the New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR. This term has recently been used extensively by apologetics writers and podcasters to label certain churches and Christian movements antithetical to the gospel. However, almost all the people talking about NAR are cessationist (do not believe spiritual gifts are for today), and there is very little discussion of the topic from a continuationist viewpoint. That’s what Pastor Mike and I do in this interview.

In this discussion:

  • What is NAR?
  • What is the difference between NAR and a basic charismatic church?
  • How do we discern between the two?
  • What is the Passion Translation?
  • Is there any concern with this “translation” and how it is used?

You can follow the Passion Project and Pastor Mike on Youtube.

For information on how NAR got its name and the origins of the “movement” (most churches deemed “NAR” do not know or use the term), here is the original piece by C. Peter Wagner.

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