The Five Email Newsletters I Never Miss

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As I limited my time on technology and social media last year, I found myself drawn toward email for keeping up with friends and the world. Isn’t it funny how email was the first “big thing” and it’s still here?? I’ve found that reading longform newsletters and blog posts is much more refreshing than the 15-second hits of Instagram and Facebook. There’s more room for explanation and context, more room to sit and read instead of tapping through.

I regularly unsubscribe from emails I accidentally signed up for (Barefoot Dreams? Expedia??) but there are five I NEVER miss and am, in fact, sad when they don’t arrive every week. If you’re looking for a little joy in your inbox, here are a few to try. Click the title to sign up.

Ashlee Gadd

Ashlee is the founder of Coffee + Crumbs but she has her own blog, too. She is a beautiful writer, so her blog posts are worth your time – but her newsletter is my favorite! She shares personal thoughts and reflections on life and motherhood, a few favorite products, and a five song playlist on Spotify.

Let Me Tell You by Katie Blackburn

Katie is a mama of SIX – biologically, adoptive and special needs – so her range of experience as a mom makes her work fascinating. But like Ashlee, she writes beautiful words (to which, as a poet, I’m partial). Her newsletter is simple: usually just a few thoughts on faith, family, culture and how we walk well in them all.

The Pour Over News Compilation

I’ve mentioned Jason’s newsletter a few times, but that’s because I really don’t miss it. It comes twice a week and gives a rundown of all the latest news stories. It’s Christian, but the news is shared objectively with no sarcastic commentary (or any commentary at all, really). I love that.

Gold and Graphite by Jill Atogwe

Everything Jill touches turns beautiful, if we’re being honest, and her newsletter is no exception. Jill is an artist, homeschool mama, and much more – her newsletter links to latest blog posts and product recommendations (she has NEVER steered me wrong. I probably buy more through her site than anyone else since being exposed to her in late 2020). Her watercolor art is stunning and you can grab some of it in her Etsy shop.

The Financial Diet

There is something so fun about TFD. I can’t put my finger on it. They talk a lot about managing your finances well, but they cover other stuff too – things like negotiating a lowball job offer, cooking on a $70 a week grocery budget, how to start investing, how to live with your roommate and more. I love their newsletter and Instagram.

The Conlectio

This is actually *my* newsletter, so it’s not one of my five favorites (that would be weird) but if you’re not subscribed, you’re invited! Conlectio is Latin for “collection” or “summary” and that’s just what this weekly email is: a collection of my latest blog posts, podcast episodes, products I love, articles I found fascinating, books I’m reading and more. Email subscribers are first to know about theology class openings and shop launches. They’re also first to receive discount codes and exclusive blog posts I don’t publish anywhere else.

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