Should Christian Women Use Birth Control?

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I’ve talked about birth control before on my blog, but the nuances of this very controversial topic make it difficult to discuss within the confines of the written word. I receive a lot of questions about birth control – what to use or whether to use it at all – so it was a natural choice for Uniquely Woman’s sex series.

Lisa and I went all out for this episode. We designed the sex series to be conversational; like the older sister you may never have had, sharing what we wish WE knew five or ten years ago. Birth control is a topic that offers few answers but lots of options. This episode is an honest discussion about how we chose what to use for birth control, as well as a short run down of all the options.

Show Notes:

  1. Attitude: To start a discussion about birth control is to start a discussion about whose plans matter more: ours or God’s? We always want to align our hearts with God’s values and priorities.
  2. Types of birth control: We discuss everything from hormonal birth control to condoms and natural family planning.
  3. Personal Testimonies: er, stories? Lisa and I share how we came to conclusions about our own birth control options.

Resources: Woman Code by Alisa Vitti


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