Four Tips and Tricks for a Productive Day



While recording this week, Lisa and I got a chance to practice what we preach. We discuss in this podcast episode on productivity that we actually recorded during naptime, which is no easy task! We typically record at night when our children are sleeping, but because we have a “plan B” for finishing our work, we could be flexible. In other words, you’ll hear a few child noises in the background.

Show Notes

The first step to outlining your schedule is lining up with the Bible and your family needs. It’s not enough to cross items off a list. You want to cross the right items off your list.

  1. Know what you need to do.
    • Write it down.
    • Is it realistic?
  2. Have a time for each task.
    • If it doesn’t have a time, it won’t get done.
    • Have a schedule for appointments and a rhythm for daily life.
    • Find a “plan B.”
  3. Have a pared-down schedule for when life gets crazy.
    • bare bones cleaning, meals, school
  4. Learn to prioritize your tasks for each day, or part of the day.
    • Implement a “big 3” or “big 5”

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