6 Great Articles to Prepare You for Marriage


Whether engaged or dating, these six articles will prepare you for marriage.

I’m always looking for great posts to add value for my readers. The following articles offer some fantastic insight into marriage, both for women planning to one day marry and those in the throes of it!

This Saturday I’m loving:

This peek inside a real marriage and what it takes to make things work.

“Marriage is two imperfect people falling in love in an imperfect world and committing to each other before a perfect God. Love is the glue that binds us together but before that comes a lot of acts of will to be kind, compassionate, patient and to bear with each other. There are always going to be things that rock the boat, that make us irritated with each other.”

This post on how NOT to marry a loser.

“Maybe someday they will change and become marriage material, but don’t count on that. This isn’t your last chance. Waiting isn’t the worst thing. Neither is being single. The worst thing is being married to a loser and not recognizing it until it’s too late.”

This post on protecting your marriage while moving cross-country.

I can totally relate to this topic, given our recent move. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in moving stuff.  The packing, sorting, selling, the stress!  It can take over your every second, every thought, everything.  But don’t let it.  Continue doing things together that you’ve always enjoyed.”

This article on why you should put your relationship second.

“I can not find the approval I need in him. Seeking his approval over my Father’s will only lead to putting too much unnecessary pressure on him and my relationship with him. We should live on the words of our Savior not those of our significant others.”

This realistic approach to marital intimacy and how to revive it when it’s lagging.

“I am not just talking about sex. I am talking about every level of intimacy. The bills pile up or the kids are all sick and suddenly you realize you and your husband have not had a moment alone in weeks. You notice that you can’t even remember the last time you held his hand or even asked him how his day was. Some intimacy has slipped away.”

My own post discussing why marriage won’t fix a lustful relationship.

“Lust is not a sex problem. Lust is a problem of sin, and as such is a spiritual issue only resolved by a spiritual solution.”

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