Phy’s Monthly Coffee Hangout

Join me for my monthly coffee hangout club and let’s have coffee together! Not only do you get a mug and bag of coffee your first month, but each month you’ll get a bag of freshly roasted coffee, and access to a special group call with me where we’ll discuss theology, answer questions, and more!

  • Month 1: Mug + Coffee + Exclusive Group Call
  • Month 2+: Coffee + Exclusive Group Call
  • The Coffee is a roasty-toasty blend of Ethiopian, Colombian, and Guatemalan coffees– an early morning blend to go with your deeper dive into the book of Revelation.

A Note From Phy:

I’m so excited to be able to offer this monthly coffee hangout because it allows me more personal time to connect with you! I’m really looking forward to our group coffee chats and Tag Coffee hooking us up with a great roast! Plus, your first month, you get our newest mug with your coffee!

Care Directions

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