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Last week on Uniquely Woman, Lisa and I discussed how college benefited our lives as mamas. This naturally transitions into how to work from home as a mama. Lisa and I both do different types of work from our homes so we can be home with our child(ren). These principles don’t just apply to paid jobs; you can use the same methods to pursue a side hustle, volunteer, or serve in ministry.

Show Notes

  1. Pros and Cons of working from home
    • Pros: more time with kids, flexible hours, pursue personal goals
    • Cons: self-starting, requires sacrifices, often uncomfortable
  2. How to make working from home work for you
    • Have a rhythm
    • Prioritize and know your limits
    • Be self-disciplined
    • Do the work
  1. How to find work
    • Transitioning an office job to a work-from-home position
    • Volunteering
    • Learn new skills
    • Childcare
    • Ministry

*I (Phylicia) frequently utilize productivity hacks to run my blog, write 16 columns a month for an online magazine, complete my college counseling work, and manage my home. Head over to my Facebook page to listen to this week’s live video, Top 10 Productivity Tips (may have to scroll down the page).

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