Choosing to Thrive in Your Season of Life


Choosing to Thrive in Your Season of Life

This week Lisa and I are discussing how to thrive in your life journey. You don’t always get to pick where you are, and yet it’s important that you show up: show up in your singleness, show up in your dating relationship, show up in your city, and show up with your kids.

Show Notes

  1. Engage with life.
    • Get involved with your community and in relationships and at a church. Don’t just hole up in your dorm room or apartment with Netflix as your friend.
    • Develop as a single person or as a married without kids even if you are anticipating a change in that status.
    • Make the effort to get involved with other friends/personal interests if you’re home with small children.
    • Social media is great but don’t rely on that; develop relationships with real people.
  2. Pursue contentment.
    • Recognize God is sovereign.
    • Contentment is not a state of being; you’re not going to arrive.
    • Honor God where you are.
  3. Make the choice to thrive.
    • Act how you want to feel.
    • Speak truth to yourself; don’t listen to yourself.
    • You serve God because He loves you, not because you are expecting something from Him.
    • Put down roots to be ready for a transplant.
    • Embrace your place.

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