Honest Marriage Episode Five // On Pregnancy and Postpartum

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Marriage comes with its stressors and challenges. Add onto that the challenges of pregnancy and postpartum, and marriage can feel incredibly hard. Emotions and hormones are running high, both parties can feel neglected, all while caring for a tiny human! There is so much going on in this season marriage can sometimes take a back burner. But it’s a season where we need one another more than ever.

In this episode of Verity, Josh and I are diving into how we can support one another in pregnancy and postpartum. We talk about the need for compassion and understanding toward both husband and wife, the unique challenges each person faces, and how to think about sex after baby.


  • Holy Labor by Aubry Smith
  • The Christian Woman’s Pregnancy Journal (linked in this review post)
  • Bradley Birthing Classes
  • My free marriage journal to get on the same page!

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