Teach Me to Number My Days: How to Stay Productive without Hating Your Life


I have a unique approach to productivity; one I don’t think we see often in this culture.

I believe rest is essential to a productive life.

I’m not talking about sleep, a la Arianna Huffington. I’m talking about Sabbath rest. I’m talking about time to read, to cultivate community, to enjoy our families – AND to have an orderly house, finished homework, or whatever else is on your priority list. It’s not that I think we can “have it all”; there are seasons where certain things have to fall through the cracks.

I think, if we managed our time the way God outlines in His Word, we’d actually find balance.

We’d get our work done, and we’d truly rest. 

We’d spend less time scrolling our phones to avoid work and MORE time enjoying our hobbies.

We’d be realistic about where our time is going and make tangible changes to our routines.

We’d number our days rightly (Psalm 90).

Abundant Life, Practically

In John 10:10 Jesus promised us abundant life. In John 15-16 He talks about being connected to the Vine (Himself) and bearing much fruit… and by doing so, proving we are His disciples.

We are meant to be fruitful people. That has nothing to do with fertility; it has to do with production. Creating, emulating God in bringing order out of disorder. Chaos that leads to anxiety and overwhelm is not His will for us.

After a successful year of enrolling students, I’ve decided to partner with Ultimate Bundles to offer all my tips, hacks, and coaching (ten hours worth!) to my audience. I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating an online course, giving you the BEST of my time and stress management tips for ALL stages of life and personality.

This course is not for Type A people who already have it “figured out” (that’s none of us). It’s not just for Type B people who struggle with cultivating order and routine. It’s designed to allow YOU to individulize the principles for your life stage. That’s why it applies to college students, new moms, newlyweds, college grads in their first full time job, and anyone else who wants to live their God-given call with less stress and anxiety.

My Promise

I will teach you how to manage your time according to the biblical principles of wisdom, discernment, and self-control. The course contains:

  • Five modules
  • Twenty five lectures
  • Practical, hands on assignments for each lecture and topic
  • A brand new Myers Briggs productivity module
  • Lifetime access, which means you get every update I make to the course
  • A printable PDF workbook

I’m so excited to offer this course to you!

You don’t just get MY course for the $98.00 rate. You also get DOZENS of other productivity resources, including ebooks, membership sites, and other courses on these topics:

  • Time Management (5 of products worth $132.98)
  • Daily Planners (9 products worth $169.99)
  • Goal Setting (5 products worth $406.98)
  • Goal Planners (8 products worth $144.00)
  • Home Management (3 products worth $123.00)
  • Home Management Planners & Printables (7 products worth $82.96)
  • Mindset & Self-Care (5 products worth $94.99)
  • Productivity at Work (5 products worth $369.00)
  • Bonus Partners

All of this really is only $98.00. It’s not a scam! I have bought two bundles from Ultimate Bundles prior to partnering with them, and they’ve both been amazing.

You in? Ready to take charge of your time, set up routines, and hear all my best hacks for cultivating restful, grace-based excellence?

Enroll Now!

A glimpse of the course curriculum is below. Since it’s launch I have added a fifth module, productivity for Myers Briggs types!

If you’re unsure if what I have included is valuable – try out the free version of the course in the sign up box below. If, after 8 days of my tips, you aren’t convinced – you’re out nothing! But MOST people who take the free version see instant results. Sign up for the free version.

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