Your Sexuality Is Not About You

Your Sexuality Is Not About You

We’ve made purity all about sex instead of embracing it holistically. And because many Christians see purity as a means to an end – not as a lifestyle God expects from His children – they’re quick to compromise when the going gets tough.

How to Establish Boundaries in Dating Relationships

How far is too far?
Why can’t my boyfriend and I say “no”?
What’s the difference between upholding purity and living as a legalist?

As we continue the sex series on Uniquely Woman, Lisa and I discuss how to establish boundaries in dating and why it’s important to do so. There are so many questions about what’s ok and what’s not ok – and how to actually live out your standards. In this episode we go over five thoughts on pursuing purity during the dating stage:

5 Myths About Marital Sexuality {Part 2}

Last Thursday Lisa and I launched our sex series on our podcast, Uniquely Woman. We started the discussion with the first three of five myths about marital sexuality. Myth one was “Sex is dirty”; myth two was “Sex is for men”; and┬ámyth three...
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