This is the Sex Talk You Never Had

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“Is lingerie sinful?”

“What is oral sex?”

“How do I get over my husband’s sexual history?”

These questions have a common denominator: many of their authors never received a sex talk. If they did, it was insufficient or laced with the influence of cultural worldviews. Our Christian young women are seeking answers about their sexuality.

The world  is ready to give them what they want.

We need to reach them first.

Who is “we”? Every Christian woman. We need a revolution of sexual understanding based on the principles of God’s Word. We need women to educate themselves from a biblical perspective, to refuse shame, ignorance, and fear, and teach others to celebrate their sexuality according to God’s design.

This is my passion. Rather than letting girls turn to Cosmo magazine for their sexual education, the church needs to be that voice.

This voice did not exist when I was a teen, and for many girls today, they still don’t know where to look. That’s why I wrote Christian Cosmo: The Sex Talk You Never Had. This book is written straight from my heart to the hearts of girls worldwide: answering their questions as someone who has stood where they now stand, and can be for them what I never had.

TODAY Christian Cosmo is finally available FOR SALE! 

Chapters include:

  • Reclaiming Sex From the Culture.
  • Reframing Sex In Your Mind
  • Why God Designed Sex for Marriage
  • What if I’m Not a Virgin?
  • How to Live as a Forgiven Woman
  • Why Sex Won’t Stop Your Lust Struggle
  • What to Know About the Wedding Night
  • The Truth About Fantasizing
  • Preach the Gospel With Your Sexuality

Each chapter ends with three “Questions to Consider”, plus three appendices – including a resource list for further study!

What People Are Saying About Christian Cosmo:

  • “Do you ever find yourself at a crossroad when it comes to sexuality and the God-given sexual desires?…Phylicia offers you the answer to the above and much more!”
  • “This is an amazing read not only for single women, but married women as well. Parents who have girls. Youth pastors. Small group leaders. If you mentor women at all you should get your hands on this book!”
  • “If you are single, or you’re married, whether you’ve felt the brutal sting of sexual sin, or maybe you’re just wondering how to navigate such a deep (yet seemingly secretive) topic in a God-honoring way, this book is for you. I’m absolutely loving getting to read it, and in just a few weeks you can too!”


I believe this book is worth $10. However, many of my readers are college students unable to afford more than a grande latte. Because of this, the price is set at pay-what-you-can for as low as $5, or more if you want to donate to my ministry!

Buy It Now!

…And don’t forget to tell your friends! We need to spread the word to as many girls as possible. THANK YOU for supporting my ministry and reaching more women with the hope of sexual redemption.

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